All shipping will be USPS Priority Mail and will be insured.  The USPS supplies boxes for free and they are great to ship with.  Please wrap your reels in bubble wrap or paper towels to keep them from being damaged.  We offer Priority Mail, but can do two day or even next day delivery. If you would like it shipped out a different way, please let me know and we can work something out.  All shipping and insurance cost  will be added on to the final bill.  Customer assumes all responsibility for shipping/insurance costs. 

Please email me in advance if you have any questions before sending your reel to us. While sending your reel to us, please give us any tracking or confirmation numbers that you may have, in turn we will let you know the status of your reel when we have completed the job.  Please allow 5 days from the time that we receive your reel from the time we are finished for cleanings only.  Reel repair may take a little longer if parts are needed.

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Give us a call and see what we can do for you.  I have been successful in finding parts for many discontinued reels through some of my outside sources. NO GUARANTEE

Prices are for labor only.  There will be extra charge for any parts needing replaced. There will $2.00 charge for any reels that are exceptional dirty, greasy or contain sand particles.  We are on a first come/first serve basis, any rush orders add $10.00 per reel.  All reels will be totally disassembled and inspect for damage and part failure, you will be notified if anything needs to be replaced.  If you choose not to replace the parts, we will put your reel back together for you and charge an inspection fee.  Some reels that require part replacement may take longer for turn around time due to ordering from manufactures.
Again, some reels we cannot get parts for..

The Working Reel Fishing Reel Cleaning / Repair

Reel Service Checklist

Gears, Bail, Handle, Anti-Reverse , Clutch, Spool, Drag,  Frame/Housing... 

Cleaning and Repair - Labor Only

Bait Caster - $20.00

Spinning Reels - $18.00

Spin Caster Reels 
Small - $5.00 

33s - $8.00
Large - $10.00
Fly Reels - $6.00   

Inspection Fees

Bait Casters - $10.00
Spinning Reels - $10.00
Small - $2.50 
33s - $4.00
Large - $5.00